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Why IS Everyone Talking About This Book?

   How many of you have been personally “rocked” by a life-changing event that literally left you with one of two options…to either find a way to persevere and move on or just simply give up and quit? Robert Bush was at the height of his career when he received the call that changed his life. In a matter of minutes, his life would never be the same and he would be challenged like never before! Priorities were immediately flipped upside down and never again would he look at his own personal faith walk the same way. Bush uses his own personal experience to illustrate how he was able to get through this time in his life…and how you can do the same! By brilliantly integrating specific stories and Scripture that touch every reader, Shortcut to Heaven is a book like no other on the market today.

   Shortcut to Heaven will make you laugh, cry, cheer, and most of all…pray for your own specific journey. Not until now has a book ever had this kind of impact on its readers! Each character will come to life right before your eyes and will help provide you with the encouragement you need in order to move forward and never look back. Hold on and be ready to assess your own life…and be ready to answer the key question in everyone’s world today. Bush does a masterful job of bringing his stories to life, as Shortcut to Heaven will undoubtedly leave you a different person than before you opened its cover!

   Identifying the path to our final resting place, whether it be heaven or hell, is something everyone in this world is searching for…how do I get to heaven is a question all of us will ask at some point in our lives. Robert Bush reveals the only true answer to this age-old question in his inspirational newly-released book, Shortcut to Heaven. There is a second part to the equation that Bush tackles head-on as well. Once we realize how to get to heaven, then how in the world do we reflect the true walk of a Christian in our daily lives? He clearly illustrates in Shortcut to Heaven how we best equip ourselves to overcome the land mines we will face along the way, as we ultimately navigate our way to victory! Bush’s unique ability to combine 10 captivating short stories plus Scripture will provide you with the weapons you need in order to make this journey. This is the one must-read book that will challenge your mind, stir your heart, and positively impact your soul…

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